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Top Tips For Your Big Date!!!!

Key Considerations

  • On a date you want to look your most beautiful, with a clear, radiant complexion and your best features enhanced.
  • Makeup should be feminine and sexy, but not overly done.
  • Most men prefer a natural look, so choose soft colors that work well with your skin tone and use shimmery, dewy textures that reflect the light.

The best advice I can give is to make sure you look like yourself, but your most gorgeous self. Spend time on your skin to ensure it’s glowing with health, dewy, and flawless. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips, and make sure your hands are soft with neat polished nails.


  • Pale to mid-toned lipsticks in satin or glossy textures will make lips look full and kissable!


  • If you have cool pink-based porcelain or fair skin, try eyeshadows in shimmery champagne, mushroom, or pearl gray, with soft pink lipstick.
  • If you have warmer yellow-based olive skin, try peach, taupe, or bronze eyeshadow, and lipstick with peach or orange tones.
  • If you have dark skin, deeper colors work well – shimmery eyeshadows in soft plum, brown, or burnt orange with lipstick in berry or plum tones.

Knowing you look your best will give you the confidence to be yourself and let your personality sparkle! And remember to always smile and have fun! It’s only a date. One last thing, if it’s meant to be, everything will end up right, and you will be beautiful and loved!

Some Rules to Know

  • Most men aren’t fans of too much makeup, so don’t freak them out by using too much color- save extreme looks for another occasion and aim for natural, feminine beauty.
  • That said, makeup should boost your confidence and express your personality, so don’t tone down your look too much or you may not feel yourself.
  • Enhance your features. There should be lots of eye contact, so make your eyes big and seductive, with long dark lashes to flutter alluringly.
  • Lips should be kissable- smooth, soft and moisturized. Make them up to look full and pouty- pale to mid colors with a touch of sheen or non-sticky gloss fit the bill..

Hope you have a great date!!!!

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