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De-Clutter Your Makeup Products: Hacks!!!!

 You’ve got a bag full of makeup, but you only use maybe half of it. It’s time to ditch some of your products in order to clean up your routine. Not knowing what products to use everyday is slowing you down and making it harder to get out the door fast.

Hack 1: Multitasking Products

Invest in some multitasking products. Save time by using brown eyeliner pencil to line your lashes, color your lids, and fill in your brows. And tint your cheeks and lips with a two-in-one stain. And make sure your moisturizers have SPF in them.

Hack 2: Expiration Dates

If it’s more than a year old, chuck it! You don’t want to use a product that’s expired- especially sunscreen. Certain ingredients can cause unwanted reaction when they’re expired. Tip– Write down the purchase dates of all of your products on the bottom of the product.

Hack 3: Think Seasonal

You only need certain products during certain seasons, like a super-exfoliator. Those are useful during the winter, but less necessary in the summer when there’s usually less dryness. Use it up then toss it out, and make more room for stuff you really need – like moisturizer.

Hack 4: Say Goodbye

A general rule of thumb for de-cluttering is: if you wouldn’t notice it’s gone, get rid of it. Chances are you gravitate toward one or two of any particular category of makeup- you have two favorite lipstick shades, for instance. If so, get the other products out of your main makeup bag and give them away or toss them out. Chances are they may even be expired.

Hack 5: Donate

When you’re throwing things out, try to donate before heading straight to the trash. Many woman’s shelters will take new and gently used products for the women they serve. Call your local shelter and ask what they need or accept.

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