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Lips 101: How To & Tips!!!!

Lip shape affects not only how you apply lipstick but also the colors you should wear. For a perfect pout, lips should be completely symmetrical- the depth of the fattest part of the upper lip should be equal to that of the lower lip, and the left and right halves, from the center of the Cupid’s Bow to the center of the bottom lip, should be mirror images of each other. Lip pencil is an invaluable tool in achieving perfect symmetry, enabling you to “correct” any irregularities by drawing a hair’s breadth inside or outside the lip line.

If your lip shape is slightly askew, draw just outside the natural lip line to correct the shape and achieve perfect symmetry.

If your lower lip is thinner than your upper lip, add depth to the lower lip by drawing just outside the natural lip line.

If your lower lip is fuller than your top lip, draw just outside the upper lip line to create fullness, taking extra care when drawing the Cupid’s Bow. A touch of highlighter above the upper lip will add to the illusion.

How To Outline Your Lips:

  1. Apply a little foundation around the lip area before you start to provide a neutral base.
  2. Draw the outline with pencil to ensure total symmetry, starting at the Central V of the Cupid’s Bow and drawing to each corner with short, feathery strokes. A common mistake is to leave a gap here, or to draw too wide.
  3. If you make a mistake, use a Q-tip dipped in a little makeup remover to push the smudge inward onto the lip, rather than wiping it away from the mouth onto the face.
  4. Once you’re happy with the outline, fill in the whole lip with pencil and go over the color with a brush to make sure it’s completely even – this will make lipstick stay on longer. Creamy liners are easier to work with a brush.
  5. Apply lipstick with a lip brush – this gives greater precision than applying it directly from the tube.

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