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Eyeliner: Everything You Need To Know!!

Eyeliner can be dramatic or subtle, sexy or innocent. Different textures can be applied in different ways to accessorize the eyes- from liquid and gel to pencil, in colored, glitter, or metallic finishes.

Eyeliner can be drawn all the way around the eye or just along the top or bottom; you can draw halfway along or create flicks that extend beyond the eye; make the line strong and defined or soft and smudged; draw on the inner rim or on the outside of the lashes – anything goes. Pencil is the easiest eyeliner to master and the most forgiving, producing a blunt line that can be smudged. Liquid liner creates a precise line for a super-glam look, but calls for a steady hand. Gel liner, which comes in many colors, gives a similar effect, but is easier to apply.

  • Gel liner is fast-drying, waterproof, and long-lasting. The pen applicator makes it easier to achieve a precise line along the upper lashes with a flick at the outer corner.
  • For high-maintance glamour, liquid liner is applied with a fine brush and a steady hand.
  • Pencil liner is very versatile, giving a blunt line that can be smudged with a special tool (Q-tip) for a soft, smoky look.


Applying Gel and Liquid Eyeliner

  1. If using a pen applicator, hold it at an angle, pointing slightly downward and use a light hand- pressing gives an overly thick line.
  2. Rest your elbow on the table to steady your hand.
  3. Hold your eyelid taut to eliminate any creases.
  4. If you have deep-set eyes or heavy lids, keep your eyes closed until the liner is dry.
  5. Use an oil-based eye makeup remover to correct any slips.

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