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Applying Pencil Eyeliner: Tips &Tricks!!!

  1. Choose a soft creamy pencil that will glide on without dragging the skin.
  2. Sharpen the pencil, but not to a dagger point.
  3. The most common mistake is to draw eyeliner too high, leaving a noticeable strip of skin between the lashes and the liner. To avoid this, work the pencil tip right in at the root of the lash. Start just in from the outer corner and draw along the lash line toward the mid point. Use short feathery strokes or draw a series of dots and smudge them together. As you gain confidence, draw a solid line for precise definition.
  4. As you pass the mid point of the eye and are approaching the inner corner, turn the pencil so that you are drawing from underneath on the inner rim, so that the line tapers off at the right point.
  5. For the lower lash line, draw right on the edge of the rim- not on it, since that makes eyes look smaller.
  6. The golden rule for good makeup is never to have a hard line. Use a smudger or your little finger to soften the line.


Tips For Eyeliner

  1. Experiment with colors other than brown and black – eyeliner can complement or contrast with your eyeshadow. Gray can be very effective, while green, purple, and blue freshen a look.
  2. Eyeliner worked in between the roots of the lashes will make them look thicker.
  3. Nude eyeliner pencil around the inner rim of the eyes makes eyes appear rounder. Dark color on the inner rim elongates the eyes, making them seem narrower. This gives a sultry look, but it will make eyes appear smaller. Don’t use any eyeliner other than pencil on the inner rim of your eyes.
  4. If you have close-set eyes, keeping eyeliner to the outer corners, from the mid-point, will be more flattering than if you draw the line all the way to the nose.

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