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Dirty Hair Hacks!!!

It’s not gross to skip a wash, everyone does it! Life gets busy. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to hide your dirty hair and look professional as heck!

Hack 1: Bang Wash

Want to skip shampooing but don’t want stringy bangs? Just wash them! Pull all of your hair back in a ponytail or with a clip, then wash your bangs. Make sure to use a proportional amount of shampoo and conditioner. Rinse under the faucet and blow dry if you don’t have straight hair. Style your bangs as usual or use them to frame your face in a cute up-do.

Hack 2: Hat Trick

No time to wash your hair and out of dry shampoo (or baby powder)? Mess up your hair and put a hat on it. Done! That was so easy!

Hack 3: Skip A Wash

There’s plenty of dry shampoo products on the market these days. If you put too much dry shampoo in your hair, just blow-dry it a little bit. Also, once you’ve massaged it into your hair, don’t touch your hair! Your fingers will make it greasy all over again! A bristle brush is better with dry shampoo and helps work the formula in more. And don’t waste your dry shampoo – only spray it onto your roots!

Tip – One thing to remember when applying dry shampoo is that you should let it sit in your hair untouched for 5-10 minutes before you massage it in. Let it really soak up the grease!

Hack 4: Quick Slick

Use that excess oil to your advantage by doing a quick, slick ponytail or bun. Brush hair through and shake out with a towel to get rid of any bed fuzz or dandruff. Flat iron any kinks. Next, use a hair gel or firm hold hairspray to slick hair back. Use an elastic to make a ponytail and take a small section of hair to wrap around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin for an extra chic look.

Hack 5: Instant Volume

Use velcro rollers at the crown of your head to instantly add volume to second or third day hair. Let the rollers sit while you brush your teeth and get dressed for work/school or the day. By the time you take them out, it’ll look like you just gave yourself an instant semi-fresh blowout!

Hack 6: Switch Sides

In order to get a cleaner look, part your hair to the opposite side you usually do. Your hair will look cleaner and more voluminous. Spritz on some dry shampoo and run your fingers through the product (after you let it sit) to get some lift at the roots. Bam your done!


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