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Top 20 Makeup Kit Must Haves!!!!


I recommend and suggest that your personal makeup kit includes these essential products and tools. Also, this list is a great starting point for anyone to build a more extensive makeup kit. Let’s get started on what you will need:

  1. Sponges – Great for clean-up and blending excess foundation or concealer.
  2. Pencil Sharpener – Always keep your pencils clean with sharp points to ensure the best application.
  3. Cotton Swabs – Great for smudging liners, cleaning up a messy lip line and flaking mascara mishaps.
  4. Cotton Pads – Useful for removing extra makeup
  5. Wipes – Great for freshening up the face and hands. Baby wipes work great also!
  6. Foundation – You may need a shade for summer and winter.
  7. Concealer –  Look for a shade that works best for under the eyes, as well as, another shade for your face.
  8. Powder – Translucent and finely milled are my favorite powders to use.
  9. Bronzer – A matte finish for daytime color and one with sparkle for night time.
  10. Blush –  Find your perfect daytime color and one dramatic shade for night.
  11. Eyeshadow – Neutral tones are easy but choose color for days when you want to have some fun.
  12. Eyeliner – I recommend a black liner for everyone, unless you are very pale, then I would recommend a brown liner.
  13. Mascara – Black! Again unless you are very pale and fair skin tone, then use brown.
  14. Brow Color – One shade lighter than your hair color, and a shade that matches your hair color perfectly. Or a palette to mix your perfect.
  15. Lipliner – Natural to enhance your lip color
  16. Lipstick – Neutral for easy wear and a pop of color on extra days
  17. Lip Gloss – The more, the better in my eyes!
  18. Brushes – I’ve decided to have a full blog post on what brushes to use and what they are used for.
  19. Clean Towel – Great to wipe brushes clean and make for a clean surface to work from.
  20. Makeup Case – Or a makeup bag, to store all of your cherished products!

Hope this list gets you started on your makeup journey!!! See y’all next week with more beauty tips and tricks!!

xoxox Ash

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