5 Minutes – 5 Products Makeup Look!!!


 We’re all about simplifying your routine, so why not get some fashionista looks into your repertoire? These are tried and true looks with as few products as possible, so let’s get started….


Look #1 Watercolor Effect

A subtle sexy look that easily transitions from day to night: dab on a buildable gel eye shadow in a plum shade onto the lids with a brush or your fingers. Then, blend out into the crease for a sheer wash color. Apply a peach lip and cheek stain first on the apples of your cheeks to get a sheer glossy look, then add a touch on the lips for a just-bitten effect. Finish the look off with black mascara; one coat is all you will need for this look.


Look #2 Pop of Red

A classic red lip is great all year round, but durning the summer months it works best when you down play your other features. Pair your go-to crimson lipstick with a soft pink blush to balance out the pop of bold color and finish off with a few extra swipes of mascara to create a false lash effect.


Look #3 Bronze Glow

Nothing looks more summer appropriate than glowing skin and coral eye shadow. To achieve the look, swipe a bronzer across your forehead, into the hollows of the cheeks, over the bridge of your nose, and along your jawline. Don’t forget your shoulders, neck and décolleté if you’re showing some skin. To perfectly complement your bronzed glow, swipe a soft coral eye shadow gently across your lids and a clear lip balm on your lips.


Look #4 Bold Brow, Nude Lip

This sophisticated look has been going strong on the runway for the past few seasons, but can easily translate to real life. Create a well-groomed and defined brow by filling them in with a powder and setting with a pomade. Add one or two swipes of mascara – curl your lashes first and your eyes will seem brighter and more refreshed. Choose a nude lip that suits your skin tone to finish things off.


Look #5 Colorful Cat Eye

Choose a teal green eyeliner and draw along the upper lash winging up and out at the end to create a cat eye effect. Then apply two coats of mascara and complete the look with a lip gloss in a sheer, rose shade.



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My name is Ashley Gaspard, I am 32 years old. I have been a Makeup Artist for over 12 years now. I have learned so many beauty tricks over the years, and decided to help people by sharing what I have learned. That's why I created my blog, MakeMePrettyPlz. I want to Motivate, Teach and Help Improve People's Self-Confidence through sharing my beauty secrets that I have learned over the years. If I get to help one person, then I have accomplished my goal in life. So, help me get the word out and let's make this world a beauty place, inside and out!!!

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