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Makeup Brush Guide!!


As with any craft, you are only as good as your tools. You can’t paint a wall without a good brush or roller, so why would you attempt to apply makeup without good brushes?? If you do own a set, you must learn how to use them properly, for a professional, blended finish.

A good quality set of brushes can range from $60 and upwards. Shop within your means and buy one brush at a time if you need to…

When you invest in good quality brushes, and with proper care, they will last you a lifetime. I have had the bulk of my brushes for over 10 years and I use them a lot more than the average woman uses hers. My brushes are like brand new, except for the few stray hairs that may shed.

Basic Brush Kit

These eight brushes that I have featured, are the very basic brushes that you need to arm yourself with. Using them to apply your makeup, will enable you to create a complete makeup look that will seem professionally applied and blended.

  • Foundation/Concealer – Look for a synthetic hair brush. Synthetic hairs are best for cream/liquid based products.
  • Powder/Bronze – A big fluffy powder brush made of natural hair. Works great for applying powder and bronzer.
  • Eye Shadow – A natural hair, fluffy eyeshadow brush works well for blending eyeshadow all over the lid.
  • Lip Brush – I prefer one that retracts. Load it up with some lipstick and carry with you in a small clutch for easy touch-ups.
  • Angle Brush – Turn any eye shadow into a liner, whether you select powder or gel/cream. Perfect for applying eyebrow powder as well.
  • Blush – A natural hair, blush brush that is tapered and fits your cheek size will allow you to create naturally flushed cheeks, easily.
  • Tapered Contour – A natural hair, tapered, brush made for contouring in the hollow of the eye, will allow you to create or accentuate your crease.
  • Spoolie – It looks like a long handle mascara wand. In my opinion, it’s the best tool for grooming those eyebrow hairs!


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