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Concealer Tips & Tricks!!!


If you find that your foundation hasn’t covered all of your imperfections to the degree that satisfies you, bring out your trusty concealer to finish the job.

Concealers are simply a thicker, heavier version of foundation. They are meant to stick to the skin and cover spots such as acne, dark circles, or hyperpigmentation (sun damage).

Be warned, if concealer is applied too heavy, it can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. To prevent concealer from moving into lines, you must prime the skin first. Secondly, apply a light layer of concealer, then finish with a powder to set everything.

I recommend using a concealer for any darkness on the skin that you want to cover and brighten. You have complete control of how lightly you apply it. You can then opt to build layers for fuller coverage.

Where to Use Concealer

Typically I use concealer around the eyes, sides of the nose, nostrils and any other areas on the face that need to be evened out. The shade of your concealer for the face should also be similar to your foundation shade, or one shade lighter for extra brightening. The under eye circles and/or shadows are a challenge that some women have and want to work on covering. For under the eyes, follow my color recommendations below…

Under eyes: If your shadows look Blue/Green use a Pink based concealer. If your shadows look Purple/Green use a Peach/Yellow based concealer. If your shadows look very Purple use a Peach based concealer.

Redness, Rosacea, and Acne: Use a Green tint over the redness then follow with your foundation.

Sallow (Yellow) complexion: Use a Lilac tint over the face and follow with your foundation.


Stay tuned next Tuesday for, Tips for Applying Concealer and The Correct Way To Apply Concealer!!!! Can’t wait to share these tips and tricks with you!!


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