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Everything You Want To Know About POWDER!!!!


One of the best tips I share with my clients is to set your foundation and concealer with a light dusting of powder. By setting our base with powder, we create perfect long-wear makeup that will last all day long. Best of all, everything you apply on top will also last longer, and will stay longer, and will stay put throughout the day too!

Choose a powder that is translucent so that it doesn’t change the color of your perfectly matched foundation that you just spent time applying. I prefer to work with finishing powders that are finely milled to give the skin a flawless appearance.

Using a large, fluffy, powder brush, apply a light amount of powder all over the face to set your base. Working downwards on the face will ensure the hairs remain flat on the face. Don’t forget to powder the eyelids as well.

If you tend to get shiny or oily throughout the day, grab your powder. Use a sponge or brush in a dabbing motion, and push a generous amount of powder into the skin where you tend to get most shiny.

Be sure to blend away the excess powder with your brush.

Now that we have created a smooth, even canvas, we want to start applying color to bring out our features, starting with our cheekbones, using one of my favorite products- Bronzer!!!! Stay tuned next week for Everything You Want To Know About Bronzer, I have some AMAZING tips and tricks you will absolutely love!!!!


Tip – If you are very oily, keep oil blotting tissues handy to remove excess oil. Removing excess oil is preferred over applying excess powder to your skin. See you next Tuesday!!! 



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