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Liquid Eyeliner Tips & Tricks!!!

Liquid Eyeliner Tips

We ooh and ahh over perfectly defined eyes with liquid eyeliner, yet most of us shy away from trying it out ourselves. Shake off the intimidation, people! Everyone can wear liquid eyeliner to create an enchanting, entrancing glance.

Today’s liquid eyeliner formulas go on smooth and keep flaking at bay, and many are waterproof for lasting wear. Black is the classic color choice but far from the only option. For added zing, try teal, eggplant, shimmering brown, silver, bronze or glitter liquid eyeliners. Look for liner’s featuring a small, tapered brush and a shorter handle – they’re much easier to control than the larger, skinny ones.

Ready to give liquid eyeliner a go? Fantastic!!! Here’s my foolproof technique: get out your magnifying mirror, get up close, and give yourself a wink!

  • The secret to applying liquid liner like a pro is not trying to sweep on a perfect line at once. Begin applying liquid liner as close to the roots of the lashes as possible, starting at the inside corner of the eyes. In little connecting dashes, work your way toward the outer corners, and finish with a little sweep up at the ends. This little wing lifts the eyes and opens them up.
  • Personally, I never apply liquid eyeliner under the lower lash line; it looks too harsh. For subtle under-eye definition, sweep on a touch of powdered shadow instead by using an angle brush. I like to finish my liquid eyeliner look with neutral shadows on the lid and crease.
  • If you have a very shaky hand or are a newbie to liquid liners, try drawing the line with a pencil liner first, then trace over it with liquid liner for that clean, dramatic effect.
  • Don’t fret if the line isn’t perfect. Simply dip a small-tipped concealer brush into a little foundation, and use it as a perfecting eraser. No worries needed!


Tips & Tricks

  • Smaller eyes – Keep the line thin and close to the lashes as possible.
  • Bigger eyes – Draw a thicker line.
  • Deep-Set eyes – Try a brown eyeliner, instead of black.
  • Almond eyes – Extend the line to a subtle wing at each end of the eye.
  • Hooded eyes – Always choose a waterproof formula; keep liner close to the roots of the lashes; once applied, keep looking down until the liner is completely dry to prevent it smudging onto the lid.
  • Wide-Set eyes – Start lining the eyes a bit thicker on the inside corners and then thin the line as you work your way toward the ends; no wings, please!
  • Close-Set eyes – Start the line slightly past the midpoint of the upper lids; work outward and wing out the ends.


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