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Pencil Eyeliner Tips & Tricks!!!!

pencil eyeliner blog

Pencil eyeliners offer a more natural approach to eye definition and are super easy to apply. Whether you choose a smudgy rock-n-roll look or a fine, barely there line, your eyes will command attention.

Look for pencils that glide on smooth and don’t pull or tug the delicate eye area. I like gel eyeliners that slick on seamlessly and stay put all day. For people with hooded lids or oily skin, a waterproof formula will last for hours without smudges. To ensure the most precise application, always sharpen the pencil first.

  • Start by tilting your head up so you are looking down your nose into the mirror. From this position, you can see your entire lid.
  • Gently pull your eyelid taut with your ring finger at the outer corner of the eye and begin drawing the pencil along the lash line, wiggling color into the roots of your lashes as you go. Now shade in any visible skin between the liner and the eyelashes.
  • To achieve an even softer effect, trace over the liner with an angle brush that has been dipped into a little powder eyeshadow.
  • For super drama, try layering liner. I like to line the eyes with a dark color, like black or black/brown. Then I place a lighter shade, like blue or burgundy, right above the dark liner for a rich, thick lash line look.
  • Feeling a touch unsteady? Breathe!!! Then feather on light strokes of pencil and blend them together with a cotton swab or an angle brush for a soft, natural-looking finish.


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