How to Store Your Skincare Products!!!


Many skincare products contain preservatives that give them a longer shelf life. Even so, after a year or two, or if a product starts to smell different, it is time to toss it out. Once it begins to go bad, a product becomes ineffective. Since heat and sunlight accelerate this process, keep your skin care products in a dark, cool place to increase their longevity. It is also important to clean any product remnants from around the top of the container and keep it tightly shut to prevent bacteria and air from getting in. You can even refrigerate your creams and lotions to keep them fresh longer. At the end of summer, for example, I put my sunblocks and self-tanners in a sealed plastic container in the back of the refrigerator.

Essential oils actually last much longer than most creams or lotions. I have kept them for up to three years, but I also take good care of them. Most essential oil products come in dark glass containers to protect them from sunlight. They should be sealed tight and stored in a cool, dry place. Therefore, the medicine cabinet in a steamy bathroom is not the best place to keep them.

Keep your products in sight!!!

If you tend to forget to put on moisturizer or sunscreen before leaving the house in the morning, keep your daily essentials outside the medicine cabinet and readily accessible. If they are attractively displayed on a small tray at your sink and in plain sight, you will be more likely to use them.




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