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False Eyelashes: Everything You Need to Know Including Tips & Tricks!!

images-10 False eyelashes are like shoes – they either fit or they don’t fit correctly, they are uncomfortable, they can fall off or worse, they will look fake when you don’t want them to.

As a makeup artist, I use some sort of false lash in nearly every makeup look I do. My two favorite things in makeup are mascara (as important as the air we breathe, haha) and false lashes. If I don’t have lashes in my kit, I go into a complete panic! I have even been caught cutting old mix and match pairs to make them work out! (Now that’s desperation!)

Most women don’t realize that lashes when applied by professionals, are measured to fit your exact lash line. This involves measuring the lash line and comparing it with the length of the false lash, and if it’s too long or too short either the false lash has to be cut, or single lashes need to be added. You can do this yourself. Remember that 80 percent of lashes will fit all eye shapes, but if the ones you buy are too long, then all you need to do is trim them.

I have found that in most cases a full lash is not required. For some, the sexiest look is when single lashes or just one-quarter is used on the outer lash line; this gives a winged effect and adds lift to the eyes instantly.

You can reuse false eyelashes (I don’t because of hygiene). If you’re using them for your eyes only; just soak them in warm water for 5 minutes to remove the glue before reusing them. As with anything there are do’s and don’ts, so before you launch yourself into applying false eyelashes take note of the following tips.


  • Overuse glue, as it will not dry and can go into your eyes.
  • Apply the lash if the glue is too wet; just squeeze a tiny amount onto the back of the false lash – not your lashline.
  • Trim the false lash after you have applied it; you can cut your own lashes (I guarantee it, I’ve don’t it to myself!) – this is strictly for professionals only!!
  • Use lashes that are too heavy for your natural lashes to hold, as they drag your lashline down.
  • Apply lashes too far out on your lashline if you have rounded eyes as they will drag your lashline down.


  • Curl your own lashes before applying falsies; if you attempt it afterward, you can rip them off!
  • Check the base of the lashline; for example, if the lash (being a full lash) has a black line at its base, remember it will give you the look of an eyeliner, which you may or may not want.
  • Paint the base after application if it is white (use a liquid liner).

Eyelash Glue

Most eyelashes are sold with a complementary lash glue. But I would recommend that you buy a tube of professional eyelash glue, that is sold separately, from any quality makeup store, because these complementary glues don’t adhere very well. I like to use DUO Professional Eyelash Glue. There are three types of eyelash glue:

  1. Standard glue, which is white in color and dries clear.
  2. Waterproof and higher strength, also white in color and dries clear. I would recommend this glue for the heavy lash that needs more support.
  3. Black eyelash glue. I definitely recommend this when using a black liquid eyeliner or a black smokey eyeshadow as it will be undetectable, unlike the clear – drying glue, which you might be able to see with black.

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