What You Can Do For Dark Circles!!!

Dark Circles

Dark Circles

Since the skin in this area is thinner, dilated blood vessels become more apparent. We tend to notice dark circles more when we don’t get enough sleep, which causes the skin to appear paler and the pigment underneath more visible. Dark circles can also be a result of inflammation in the sinus cavity. Most people with this chronic sinus problems accept this as a way of life, but it is a serious issue and should be addressed by an ear nose, and throat specialist. For example, you may have a deviated septum or polyps. Both can be corrected with outpatient surgery.

What You Can Do:

After being tested for allergies or a possible vitamin deficiency, see a sinus specialist. Decrease or eliminate your intake of caffeine (particularly from coffee- tea is much better), which is believed to worsen dark circles and can negatively affect your sleep patterns. Yoga inversions (standing on your head or lying on the floor with your legs raised up against a wall) is an excellent way to get the blood flowing in the opposite direction and help flush out some of the discoloration from the under-eye area. I have also found that one of the best topical remedies for dark circles is the application of an eye cream containing rosemary, which stimulates circulation under the skin.


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