Eat Your Way To Beautiful Skin!!!


Lotions and potions are great and smell nice, but the very best way to get beautiful skin is from the inside out, which means eating a skin-friendly, healthy diet.


You should drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your skin clear and bright. Aim for about six (8oz) glasses a day and avoid soda, which is full of sugar.

Fresh Fruit

You should try to eat at least five portions of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Skin-friendly superfoods include carrots, broccoli, apricots, strawberries, watercress, and oranges. They’re great for the rest of your body, too!


Experts can’t find any evidence to link eating chocolate with having problematic skin, so you can still indulge occasionally.

Daily Meal Plan

It’s important not to skip meals – a regular, healthy diet can work wonders on your skin and will give you lots of energy.

Breakfast: Start with a glass of fresh juice and whole-grain cereal with sliced bananas and milk, followed by toast and honey.

Lunch: Make a cheese or ham sandwich on whole wheat bread with salad followed by yogurt and fruit.

Dinner: Go for grilled chicken and a baked potato with fresh vegetables, followed by fresh fruit salad with yogurt and nuts.

Snacks: Don’t go hungry between meals. If you feel cranky, try a healthy snack to keep you going. Fruit, nuts, vegetable sticks, crackers, yogurt, or a slice of whole-grain toast are far better for you than candy or chips.


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My name is Ashley Gaspard, I am 32 years old. I have been a Makeup Artist for over 12 years now. I have learned so many beauty tricks over the years, and decided to help people by sharing what I have learned. That's why I created my blog, MakeMePrettyPlz. I want to Motivate, Teach and Help Improve People's Self-Confidence through sharing my beauty secrets that I have learned over the years. If I get to help one person, then I have accomplished my goal in life. So, help me get the word out and let's make this world a beauty place, inside and out!!!

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