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How To;The Popular Cat Eye!!!


A “cat eye”, or the modern version of this 50s style eye makeup, has been in fashion forever. It is really easy to emulate. You will need a liquid liner or a cream liner and an angled brush, to create this gorgeous eye.

This example uses a light shade; a neutral brown shade and, a black gel liner and angle brush (my preference over using a liquid liner or pen liner).

Begin with your lightest shade –  I recommend a vanilla. Apply it across the entire lid and all the way up to the eyebrow arch. Next apply it across the lower lash line, from inner corner to outer corner, to make the eye bright underneath.

Apply a very neutral, matte beige or light brown depending on the depth of your skin tone, to define the crease slightly. Apply using your tapered brush.

Remember to use the “windshield wiper” technique.

Using a liquid liner (or gel liner and an angled brush), begin drawing a thin, black line from the outer corner of the lid, across the upper lashes towards the inner corner of the eye, using short strokes as you go along.

Make sure to “wing out” your line, going upwards slightly, at the outer corner. Go over the line again, making it slightly thicker at the outer 1/3, then continue with a very thin line from along the upper lash line to the inner corner of the eye. Lining the entire length of the eye.

Use the same liner for the lower lash line, starting at the outer 1/3 of your eye going outwards and joining the wing of the line. Keep this line very thin and close to the lash line. Join the top and bottom lines.

Curl your lashes and apply mascara! Now you have done a cat eye makeup look!!! Congrats!!! 🙂


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