Mascara for Beginners!!!


Next, to lipstick, mascara is one of the most popular beauty items purchased and used by women. Mascara defines the eyes and brings attention and color to the lashes. Different formulas offer a variety of effects including, volume, length, curl, or definition. My preference has more to do with the wand’s brush than the formula.

A small, narrow brush is great for small eyes and hard to reach spots like the inner corner of the eye. Smaller brushes can also get in closer to the base of the lashes. A full or fatter mascara wand is great for applying lots of mascara quickly. It can get a little messy as you try to apply mascara to the inner corners and lower lashes.

My easy application technique can be used with any type of mascara wand. Easily create longer, fuller and thicker lashes, in two generous coats.

If by accident you get mascara anywhere on the skin, STOP! Don’t touch it! Let it dry first. When dry you should be able to flake it away using a cotton swab, without disturbing the makeup underneath.

Wiggle & Pull Mascara Trick

The “Wiggle” will coat each and every lash for volume, and the “Pull” will lengthen each and every strand. Don’t stop at one coat. I recommend that you apply your second coat of mascara before the first coat dries, so your lashes will still be pliable and will not stick together or get clumpy.
Begin with coating the underside of your upper lashes, starting at the very root. You want to work the entire width of the eye, from the outer corner to the inner corner.

Wiggle the wand slowly back and forth as you pull the wand through to the tips of your lashes. Keep “wiggling” as you move across the eye, and pull the wand right through to the tips of the lashes.

Work in 3 sections from the outer corner, moving to the center of the eye and finishing in the inner corner of the eye. Yes, take your time here. You will love the results you get after spending a few extra seconds on your lashes.

Use less mascara on the lower lashes. When applying mascara here, pull the wand outwards, toward the outer corner of the eye.

Long, lower lashes can create shadows underneath the eye and are more prone to smudging, so use as light of an application as possible.

A metal-toothed lash comb is a great tool to use to comb out clumps. In my opinion, it works better than plastic. As it picks through the clumped up lashes, allowing better separation and fullness.




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My name is Ashley Gaspard, I am 32 years old. I have been a Makeup Artist for over 12 years now. I have learned so many beauty tricks over the years, and decided to help people by sharing what I have learned. That's why I created my blog, MakeMePrettyPlz. I want to Motivate, Teach and Help Improve People's Self-Confidence through sharing my beauty secrets that I have learned over the years. If I get to help one person, then I have accomplished my goal in life. So, help me get the word out and let's make this world a beauty place, inside and out!!!

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