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How-To Achieve Perfect Lips Every Time!!!!


Staring into the mirror each morning, you’re pretty happy with your overall makeup style. However, making your lips look as good as the rest of your face has always been a challenge. Now, you can keep these tips in mind to ensure that your lips always look AMAZING!

Know Your Allergies

Whenever you are selecting products, you should be aware of your allergies. Some people have only minor reactions to products, and they do not think it is a big deal. However, when you are dealing with something as sensitive as your lips, you need to reconsider this aspect of things. Even a minor allergy reaction could make your lips dry and/or puffy. If you continue to use this/product, it is going to be difficult to achieve that perfect lip look. Consult with an allergist to find out if this is at the heart of the issue.

Brush Your Lips

You might be laughing at the thought of brushing your lips, but it’s actually an important step to take before you apply any sort of makeup product. When you are brushing your teeth, give your lips a nice brush with some hot/warm water after you have washed all of the paste off. Going in a circular motion is often the best approach to take. Think of it as a loofah for your lips. When you’re in the shower, you exfoliate your body for soft, healthy skin; here, you are doing the same procedure for your lips.

Choose A Suitable Moisturizing Product

Just as you want to apply lotion to your body when your skin is still moist, you want to do the same for your lips. Once you have brushed them, get out your favorite moisturizing lip balm and put it on. When you are not wearing other lip products, this item should always be a staple in your bag. Even when you are, it can serve as a base for moisturizing. Yes, some lip products do moisturize by themselves, but this is not true for all of them. If your lips are dry, the cracks and flakes can start to show through your lip products.

Using Lip Glosses

Let’s start with lip glosses. When people first start to wear makeup, these are often the products they pick out. Even for those who have been wearing makeup for awhile, lip gloss provides a nice alternative to lipstick on certain days. The gloss should match the formality of the event or place to which you are going. For example, bubblegum pink is really not appropriate for a professional environment. When you select the right shade, you really just need to apply it with either the brush or your finger. It’s really quite simple, and no other steps need to apply.

Selecting a Lip Liner

It’s not often that people wear lip liner with lip glosses because the two really do not work well together. However, if you are using a darker shade of lip gloss, then you might be a suitable match. You do not want your lip liner to look like a totally different shade than your lipstick, so it’s really important to purchase matching products here. On top of that, you need to draw a thin line as close to the natural lines of your lips as possible. Many people get carried away here, and they start to emulate that clown vibe.

Selecting the Right Lipstick

As with lip gloss, you need to consider what is appropriate for the environment you will be in. Otherwise, you could end up in a lot of trouble with your color. Going to a department store is the best way to find the perfect shade. Even when a color looks good in the packaging, it could be entirely different when you put it on your lips. A very dark color on pale skin might seem like a good idea at first, but it will probably just wash you out.

Long Lasting Lip Products

You might be really tempted to purchase some of those products that last all day. Plenty of good ones exist on the market, and they really can cut down on the amount of applications you need to do throughout the day. However, you also must be careful. Some of these have the tendency to burn your lips. They might burn a bit the whole time they are on, or it might just be at the very beginning. No need exists to purchse painful products, especially when you may have an allergic reaction to them!

Some Helpful Tips

Applying lip products is, in some ways, as simple as selecting the right items to purchase. Lip products are some of the easier forms of makeup to put on your face. If you are having trouble, however, rest your arm on a flat surface. This can give you the perfect balance that you need. Consider having a cotton swab on-hand too. If you make a mistake, you can gently go over it with the cotton swab. You won’t need to wash your whole face and mouth, potentially ruining the other makeup that you have on.

Many ladies like to leave their lips bare. They feel that doing so is better for eating, drinking, and talking throughout the day. Well, lip products can really make a difference in the way you present yourself each day. Just remember to check your teeth for any lipstick stains!!!


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