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Eyeshadow Techniques: Layering Eyeshadow!!!



Layering is applying eyeshadow on a gradient, with the lightest shadow color under the brow bone and the darkest color along the lash line. This technique is great for any makeup novice and essential for people with mono-lids as well as thin-lids. You can layer up to four shades, ending with a layer of eyeliner.

  • Step 1: This is the base of the eyelid, the largest section of the eye area. The shadow applied here will be the most visible as well as the base color. Work other colors around this base to highlight or add depth to the eyes. When applying eyeshadow in this section alone, use a neutral daytime look. Start the eyeshadow at the base of the lashes and blend up.
  • Step 2: This is the contour layer of eyeshadow that adds depth to the eye. When applied using the layering technique, this layer of eyeshadow is closest to the eyeliner layer. For contouring eyes with a fold, this layer is added in the crease as well as the outer corner of the lid to add depth. Adding this section of eyeshadow helps define the shape of the eye. For every day, choose colors that are darker versions of the base color, but dark browns, grays, and black shadow can also be used for a darker smokey effect.
  • Step 3: This is the brow bone area. Using a light shimmer or light matte tone accentuates the brow bone. Use light opal tones when working with cool shadow colors and light gold tones when working with warm colors. Use off-white or pale yellow tones for a more natural highlight. When using this layer alone, go from the brow bone and blend all the way to the lashline.
  • Step 3-A: This is the inner corner of the eye. Add a little lighter color here to open up and brighten the eye.
  • Step 4: This last-layer adds definition to the eye and is applied along the lashline. It typically consists of dark eyeliners in dark brown, gray, or black. During the day, apply a thin line for a more natural look.



When applying makeup under the eyes, continue to work in layers, mirroring the upper lid application. For a daytime look, use only on the lower outer corners of the eyes, or use only one or two colors. You don’t want to build to much color here or take it too far down the eye.

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