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What You Need For Your Home Makeup Kit!!!


If you’re on the road, out for vacation or just want a kit to touch up your makeup during a night out, you’ll want a limited, lightweight kit. When you’re home, however, you have much greater freedom. You can build as large or as small a kit as you desire to give you as many options as you want. You simply have to strike a balance between too few tools at your disposal that you lack the ability to apply the style you want, and so many that you cannot find the basic tools necessary to proceed at all.


The first thing you want is a good solid piece of furniture as a makeup station. You need plenty of flat space on the surface to store the item you’re currently using. Several drawers, possibly with baskets, will help you keep everything organized. A cosmetics mirror will assist you in getting the perfect angle to apply your makeup without mistakes, and you will want plenty of lighting so you always get the best view.


  • Makeup Sponges: You will want a surplus of these useful little pads. Dedicate one to each bit of cosmetics you apply with a sponge, set aside a few for blending and never be afraid of replacing one when it’s too old.
  • Eyeshadow Brushes: You can make it with only one or two of these useful brushes, but you will have to clean them when you’re done using them. On the other hand, you can buy several and dedicate one to each particular color of eyeshadow you apply. Just make sure you don’t cross-contaminate the colors.
  • Eyeshadow Blending Brush: You won’t be able to buy brushes for every combination of colors available, especially if you get a wide range of eyeshadow colors. Instead, keep one or two brushes on hand for your crease color or for blending between different eyeshadow colors. Always clean these when you’re done using them so you don’t accidentally blend in last week’s color.
  • Blush Brushes: If you use different colors of blush on a regular basis, you will want to get extra brushes for each color. It’s always nice to have an extra on hand as well. Brushes can wear out over time, and the last thing you need is to have your brush fail on you when you need to hurry out.
  • Lip Brushes: As with other applicators, you can dedicate one to each color you use or you can clean one for each application. While you may want a compact brush for your travel kit, you’re free to buy larger, sturdier brushes for your home kit.
  • Eyelash Curler: This particular tool will give you perfectly curved eyelashes everytime if you use it properly. Make sure you use it before you apply mascara, it can tear your eyelashes out!!!
  • Eyelash Sharpener: Eyeliner pencils are far too important to allow yourself to use dull, stubby pencils. Having a sharpener on hand means you’ll never have a dull pencil again!
  • A Spoon: That’s right, a spoon. Believe it or not, the different curves on a standard spoon provide a perfect guide for eyeliner application. Once you get used to it, you might not need the guide, but it’s still handy when you’re in a hurry.
  • Eyebrow Scissors and Brushes: Grooming your eyebrows is important to keep them in shape. Some problems can be solved with tweezers, but some require a more delicate touch. Having these tools on hand ensures your eyes are never poorly framed.



  • Eyeliner Pencils: At a minimum, you will want a dark brown and a black pencil. You can include other colors to suit your desired looks and keep them on hand.
  • Eyebrow Pencils: Pick one or two that are as close as possible to your natural eyebrow color, so they don’t stand out when you need to fill out your brows a bit.
  • Eyeshadow: At the absolute minimum, you need a neutral lid color, a darker color that suits you for the crease, and a nice neutral highlight color. You can also pick a range of shimmery accent colors depending on your style. The more colors you have available, the more you can make a statement and match your outfits!
  • Mascara: Essential for the volume and definition of your eyelashes that eyeshadow alone can’t provide.
  • Concealer: Everyone has skin blemishes at some point or another. Concealer is required to cover everything from scars to acne. Make sure you get a concealer cream that agrees with your skin and moisturizes as well.
  • Foundation: The most important base of any makeup application, your foundation needs to match your skin tone and blend without issue. You won’t be covering your face in foundation — instead, limit it to areas that need a little extra help.
  • Blush: A couple of different blush colors will help you control the warmth of your face. A lighter shade works for cooler emotions, while a darker shade gives you a vibrant heat.
  • Bronzer: Use this all around to add a golden shine to your skin that will be the envy of all who see you.
  • Lipstick: Again, have a range of colors. A subtle, natural color is best for minor shindigs, while some vibrant colors help make a statement and make your lips pop.
  • Lip Gloss, Lip Balm, and Lip Liners: These essential lip treatments work in tandem with lipstick or on their own. Lip liners keep lipstick in line, while lip gloss adds shine to your natural lips or to lips applied with lipstick. Lip balm is a foundation for your lips that keep them from flaking, cracking, or otherwise ruining your appearance.


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