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Makeup For Deep-Set Eyes!!!

Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-Set eyes are set farther back in the ocular bone. They are large and have a natural shadowing. Using dark shadows in the crease can make eyes appear even deeper. Apply lighter shadows above the crease to bring the crease forward. Using a shimmery shadow in melon keeps deep-set eyes more neutral. If you want to apply a darker shadow, keep it close to your lashline for the best effect.

Let’s Get Started

  1. Apply foundation to the eyelid and undereye.
  2. Apply lighter concealer to the inner corner and undereye.
  3. Set the foundation and concealer with a translucent loose powder.
  4. Apply melon-colored pure pigment eyeshadow to the base of the lid.
  5. Apply black waterproof eyeliner along the lower inside rim and outer of the upper lid.
  6. Curl eyelashes and apply volumizing black mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes.
  7. Apply light brown eyebrow pencil to the beginning of the brow.
  8. Apply dark brown eyebrow pencil to the end of the brow.
  9. Apply a coat of clear brow gel.

Five minutes later you have a polished eye look, that makes you feel like a million bucks! You will be ready to hit the streets! This look is perfect for daytime or night.

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