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How-To Get Fast-N-Easy Hair Style Tips!!!

Here are some more looks to look professional before you head out the door. With a chic updo or a power ponytail, you’ll worry less about your hair and more about your pressing work matters or a hot date.

Let’s Get To These Tips & Tricks!

  • Criss-Cross Style – This woven design immediately upgrades the classic second-day style to the red carpet – worthy levels. First, gather up a ponytail, but separate each side into a top layer and a bottom layer. Cross each section over to the opposite side and pin it in place. Bam! You’re done!
  • Quick Updo –  The Ballerina Bun is one of these incredibly simple buns that work almost anywhere. Simply pull your hair back into a ponytail so that it is sleek and free of bumps, then twist into a bun, and that’s it!
  • Sleek Power Ponytail – Look polished in less than five minutes by pulling your hair up into a power ponytail, which is basically just an elevated version of your standard sporty pony. The secret? Wrapping your hair around your elastic for that extra chic factor.
  • Upside-Down Half Bun – An upgraded version of the basic half-up ponytail, the upside-down half bun is just as easy, but twice as chic. Just loop the tail of your pony into a bun, and no one will suspect you did your hair while waiting at a red light.


  • Messy Low Bun – With this style, dirty hair is encouraged. Haven’t brushed your hair since Saturday (no judgment here)? Muss it up even more and give yourself the messiest of messy low buns. Tie or pin it back and done!
  • Bobby Pin Art – Pull some hair back, secure it with bobby pins in the shape of a triangle or a crisscross design, and you’re done! People will think you labored over the design, but it will only take you a minute or two at most.



  • Barely a Braid – Make a couple loops, tie it off, and go! It’s an easy style, even for the amateur braider.
  • Low Pony – The low pony is the ultimate fast hairstyle. To give yours a little something extra, pull the pony tight, and then lift a few pieces right above the hair tie. This adds a bit of volume, ensuring you’ll look a bit better than if you just rolled out of bed.



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