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Last-Minute Manicure Hacks!!!



    Nails seem like a high maintenance thing to pull off in the morning, but we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of ways to make your hands look polished and lovely before you run out the door. Here are some creative solutions for less mess with polish and more glam.


Let’s Get These Tips Started:

  • Hack 1: Gold Foil – If you wake up to find a can’t – miss invitation for a special event sitting in your inbox, got you covered on the nail front. This festive gold-foil, and a clear top coat. Swipe your nails with the base color and base coat, then use tweezers to place the bits of foil on your nails while the base coat is still wet, and use the top coat to seal them in place!


  • Hack 2: Fake Manicure – If your mornings are so hectic that your breakfast consists of two bites of whatever leftovers from the night before, then chances are you don’t have time for a manicure, but that doesn’t mean you have to step out into the world with dull nails. Instead of putting on a coat of color, quickly buff your nails for shine, and swipe on a polished look without the mess. Try buying an all-in-one top-coat, base-coat, and strengthener for an even easier quickie manicure.


  • Hack 3: Whiten Those Nails – Sometimes you need to get the polish off, and you’d rather not have the big mess that comes along with it. There’s no reason to look like you just competed in a finger-painting contest or soaked your nails in beer. Remove your polish. Then, soak your nails in a solution of hot water, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda for about a minute.

– Tip- An even faster way to whiten your nails is putting whitening toothpaste on a brush to scrub stains off your nails.


  • Hack 4: Know Your Colors – A quick way to know what your nail colors look like is to paint a small dot with a toothpick on the lid of each one, then place them in a container. If you need to whip up a manicure in minutes, it’ll be easier to know which color to choose.


  • Hack 5: Fix A Smudge – If you accidentally smudge your nails while they’re still wet, you can easily fix it by licking your finger and gently smoothing it out. You can also use your tongue to smoothen. It sounds gross, but your saliva reacts with the surface and gets back where it’s supposed to go.


  • Hack 6: Polish Removal – If removing a dark nail polish tends to end up looking like you just did some gardening, here’s a simple trick: apply a thick layer of hand cream before removing it. And try to apply pressure only on the nail when removing polish, then sliding the polish off, rather than spreading it all over your finger.



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