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Winter Beauty Tips!!!


  • During a harsh winter, avoid getting red chapped, sore nose by applying a little lip balm around your nostrils before heading outside.
  • Keep an atomizer of water handy to spritz on skin that feels dry or tired, for a pick me up.
  • If you want stunning, luminous skin, keep alcohol and caffeine to a minimum. Too much of either will dehydrate your system and leach away B vitamins, resulting in dry, thin skin.
  • Take your vitamins – especially E, C, A, and other antioxidants that help skin stay gorgeous. Down them with plenty of water. H2O keeps all of your restorative systems running at full power.
  • Do not smoke if you want smooth, healthy skin. I quit puffing and so can you!!!!
  • When scheduling a professional facial, be sure to go at least two if not three days before a big event. Give your skin plenty of time to adjust. You don’t want to be red-faced on the red carpet.
  • Apply a little vitamin K cream on very dark circles under the eyes to diminish the bruised look.


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