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Everything You Want To Know! Your Beauty Questions Are Answered!!!


Let’s Get Started!

Question: Do you really need to change up your moisturizer/cleansing routine each season?

Answer: If the weather changes where you live, yes, you do. Summer’s humidity calls for an oil-reducing cleanser and lighter moisturizers. Dry winter skin craves richer cleansing and moisturizing formulas, eye cream, and a thick lip balm at night. With these switches, your skin will be smooth and fresh in every season.

Question: After a long illness, my skin became super sensitive. How should I handle my abundant facial hair? Bleaching and waxing are too harsh. I now shave and get razor burn. What should I do?

Answer: Talk to a dermatologist about permanent hair-removal laser treatments. Better to do it once and never have to go there again.

Question: Every time I wax my upper lip, I get pink bumps similar to pimples. Threading did this, too. What can I do to combat this problem? Otherwise, I have very clear skin.

Answer: You can try bleaching. If your hair is very fine, consider a facial-hair razor. If it’s heavier hair, look into permanent hair removal by a trained dermatologist. Please do your homework when finding your doctor.

Question: In these tight financial times, how can I try new skincare products? I never know how my skin will react and don’t want to throw away money.

Answer: Ask drugstore clerks about available samples. Skincare company websites often give away promotional samples. Also, beauty bloggers are great resources to see what other people are saying about their experiences with new products.

Question: Can I use a moisturizer underneath primer?

Answer: Of course, the moisturizer sinks into your skin, keeping it supple; the primer allows makeup to smooth on evenly and increase wear.

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