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Self-Tanning Tips & Tricks!!!


Choose a self-tanner that gradually builds color. No carrot-shockers! Always exfoliate and shave before application. Afterward, run a cotton swab between your fingers and toes to prevent color from congealing into muddy lines.

If you want a deeper-looking tan; do not apply moisturizer to the skin before a self-tanner. It dilutes the self-tanner and can cause spottiness.

Do apply a spot of moisturizer to your ankles, elbows, and knees before using any self-tanner. This keeps them from becoming way too dark.

After applying self-tanner, use a moist washcloth to buff knees, elbows, and ankles. Then scrub your hands with a little white sugar. This keeps the tanner from creating dark stains in those crinkly areas.

If you have self-tanner streaks, scrub the dark areas with white sugar in the shower. Then reapply a light new layer of self-tanner into the lighter areas by blending it in with a sponge.

Using self-tanner for an all-over glow can also help you look a few pounds lighter.

Wanna accentuate your muscles? Use self-tanner, wait a few hours. Apply a second layer along the “cut” of your natural muscles.

Be a chest/face matchmaker. If either area is much paler than the other, try building it up to a tonal match by applying self-tanner.

To extend the lifespan of your self-tan, apply baby oil before stepping out the shower. This locks in moisture and keeps your skin looking golden longer.

When using self-tanner, avoid body scrubs or facial products like Retin-A, Renova, glycolic acid, or alpha hydroxy. These speeds the fade-rate of your tan.

Hot beach babe look! Apply a golden shimmer lotion over a great self-tan and bam you’re done, beach babe, check!

Banish the muddy bits. If your self-tanner starts looking faded and a little dirty, it’s time to scrub with an exfoliant to remove the remaining stain. Let your skin rest at least a day before you reapply your self-tanner.

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