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How-To Get Rid Of Crunchy Hair!!!

The only thing that you should crunch is your breakfast cereal – or, your abs. When your hair gets this way, it’s because of the styling product. The main culprit is usually gel that’s too thick and heavy for your hair type. Chances are you used too much or applied it to hair that was too wet.

Crunch rehab is a two-step process:

  1. Rub a tiny bit of styling cream or pomade between your palms and start scrunching chunks of hair to break up the hard bits. Be gentle so you don’t mess your ‘do or cause frizz!
  2. Run, don’t walk, to the store to buy some new styling products. There are lightweight mousses and gels on the market, or you can try one of the new gel-wax hybrids. Better yet, skip gel altogether and use styling cream or pomade.

P.S. If you let your hair air dry, some crunchiness is inevitable.

If your hair is crunchy from extreme damage and not poor product selection, a haircut might be your only option. Hustle to your hairdresser, lose some length, and start over!


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