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How-To Choose The Right Sunscreen For Your Skin!!!!


Always use SPF 15 or higher. You want a broad spectrum formula, meaning that it protects against both UVA and UVB rays.


Chemical Block

These sunscreens have ingredients that absorb ultraviolet radiation and, as a result, prevent your skin from soaking up the rays. The best ingredient to look for is called Parsol 1789.

Physical Block

These sunscreens have ingredients that deflect the sun’s rays. Look for things like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. In the past, these sunscreens tended to be heavy and chalky. Today, thanks to ingredients like micronized zinc oxide, they’re much lighter, less sticky, and easier to wear.

Whether you prefer a chemical or physical block is up to you. If you find that chemical sunscreen aggravates your skin, you could be allergic to it. Try a physical block instead.

Apply your sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before going outside, reapply liberally every hour or two. And don’t forget you need sunscreen, even if its winter, and even if you’re just going in your car for a drive or to get the mail. Apply sunscreen every day, believe me, you will thank me later in life!!!


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