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Money Saving Beauty Tips!!!


  • Create your own tinted moisturizer by simply mixing foundation with an SPF-infused moisturizer and blending it in.
  • Apply a luminizing face primer before foundation to even out your skin’s texture and create a perfectly smooth canvas for your makeup.
  • When shopping for your perfect foundation, choose three shades that closely match your skin’s tone. Apply all three next to each other along your jawline. The one that best blends into your skin is your perfect shade.
  • Never use the inside of the wrist to test foundation shades. Always use the jawline area and take the chest into consideration. Sometimes your face and chest are different shades. Adjust your choices so the total effect looks polished. Avoid the dreaded demarcation lines!
  • When choosing foundation shades, always steer clear of really pinky undertones. The slightest yellow undertone more universally flattering.
  • Some darker-skinned women have varying skin tones around their faces. I like to choose the shade that falls in between these two shades and blend for a unifying effect. Or pick two shades of foundation and blend them on the appropriate areas for a balanced look.
  • When you’re changing up your wardrobe, think about adjusting your makeup, too. You should buy a fall/winter shade of foundation to match your face and body when you are at your palest and a spring/summer shade to match you when you are bronzed from self-tanners.
  • Oily-skinned gals should use spray or oil-free liquid foundations. Cream or powder foundations are too heavy and masking for you.
  • To reduce oiliness, try applying mattifying gels or serums before your foundation to control shine throughout the day.
  • Dry and normal-skinned ladies fare best with liquid foundations or tinted moisturizers.
  • Most mature women fare best with liquid foundations. Skip thick pancake or powder foundations: they settle into fine lines.
  • If you want to skip foundation but still have a healthy-looking glow, try a facial self-tanner to warm up your complexion.
  • Whenever possible, apply foundation in natural daylight to ensure a perfectly seamless finish.
  • Foundation Application Fundamentals: Fingers lay it on a bit heavier; so does a foundation brush. Using a non-latex sponge creates lighter coverage.
  • For sheer-looking coverage, blend foundation on in sweeping and blending motions. For areas needing more coverage, stipple it on by pushing the foundation into the skin using a blotting motion.
  • Always apply spray foundation with a non-latex sponge. Never spray it directly on the face: it looks too heavy and can cover brows and lashes.
  • For a sheer, natural finish, put a bit of primer or moisturizer on your non-latex sponge along with the foundation. This combo lightens up the coverage.


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