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A.M. & P.M. Basic Skincare Routine For Normal Skin!!!


A.M. & P.M. Basic Skincare Routine For Normal Skin!!!


For the A.M.

Wash your face with a mild foaming cleanser or splash your face with luke-warm water. Moisturize with a lightweight lotion. You might want a heavier lotion or cream in the colder months or if you live in a dry climate. Apply eye cream. Always apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before leaving your house, even if it’s just to go get the mail, yes you need it!!!

For the P.M.

Wash your face with a mild foaming cleanser. If this isn’t enough to take off your makeup, use makeup remover cloths or liquid cleanser. Use a treatment-packed moisturizer based on your skincare needs (wrinkle prevention, acne prevention, radiance-boosting, etc.). Follow with your favorite eye cream and your done! Simple and easy!

P.S. Exfoliate with a face scrub every week at least or twice a week at best!


images-3 Night Night! XOXO

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