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Eyeliner Tips & Tricks!!!


The perfect tool for making your eyes really pop, eyeliner comes in pencil and liquid form. Pencil eyeliner allows for more control, and mistakes are easier to fix (since they can be smudged away.), so pencils are the smart choice for beginners or if you need to do your makeup fast. Liquid eyeliner creates a cleaner line but takes a very precise hand to do well because it dries quickly, and once it does, it can be removed only with water or makeup remover.


Here are a few different things you can do with Eyeliner:

  • Line right along your top lash with a dark color. Smudge slightly with a cotton swab or your finger. Leave the bottom eyelid unlined.
  • You can do the same with liquid liner, but don’t smudge the line. Using liquid liner takes practice, so don’t get discouraged if your handiwork is messy the first few times.
  • Try lining your eyes with a pale pencil, like light blue, green, or violet, for a completely different look.
  • If your eyes turn down slightly, line along the center third of your top and bottom lashes.
  • For a dramatic nighttime look, line around your entire eye and the inside rim of your lower lashes. Work the pencil into the spaces between your lashes to fill any bare spots. Smudge the color slightly with a cotton swab or your finger. (I don’t love this look for daytime. It’s a little dramatic, and it can make you seem like your trying too hard.)
  • Trace your liner with matching eye shadow for staying power and added dimension.
  • Line around your entire eye with sheer, shimmery eye shadow.
  • Brighten your eyes by tracing a V shape around the inner corners with a pale, shimmery pencil.






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