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Enhancing Your Makeup Experience!!!


  • Put your makeup on in very good lighting. A well-lighted bathroom is good; diffused natural light is better. Avoid getting made up in full sunlight.
  • Update your makeup periodically to keep from looking as if you were perma-plaque in time. It can be sometimes as simple as a new lipstick formula or a different way of wearing lipstick or blusher. Consider an addition to your makeup wardrobe as you would a new pair of shoes or a pretty scarf – something that will add some extra punch to your style.
  • Reserve one night or afternoon a week for your own personal home spa. Indulge in a bubble bath with some candles and privacy. Wash out your makeup brushes and sponges. Plant a couple of circles of fresh-cut cucumber rounds on your eyes and slather your favorite mask on your face. Spend that day out of makeup. Give yourself a well-deserved break.
  • Use a light touch. Literally – when applying makeup. Avoid stretching your eyelids as you stroke on eyeliner; don’t scrub blusher into your cheeks. Use your ring finger to apply creams and cosmetics near the tender skin around your eyes.


Mistakes to Avoid

  • Hiding behind your foundation. Masks keep people out, as they hide the real you. Use foundation to enhance, not hide.
  • Gilding the lily. Too much makeup is less attractive than not enough.
  • Wearing the same makeup that you did at the age of 20. Update your makeup and avoid looking as if you were fixed in amber at a time you thought you looked your best. Remember, Update, Update, Update your Makeup!
  • Archiving your makeup. Replace it often. Cosmetics don’t last forever, especially foundations and mascara. If it smells, flakes, or separates, get rid of it.
  • Making your eyebrows too thin. Few women have the sophistication and attitude necessary to look like Marlene Dietrich, circa 1933. Thin eyebrows look hard, tough, and outdated. Plus, they require constant upkeep.



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