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How-To Clean Your Makeup Brushes & Tools!!!


   It’s not the most exciting task in the world, but it is vital to regularly clean your makeup brushes and tools. Ideally, all brushes and tools should be cleaned after every use but this isn’t always possible, especially if you apply makeup every day. However, if you’re prone to breakouts or have sensitive skin, you should definitely wash your brushes regularly! Otherwise, aim to clean them at least every two weeks.


Start off by rinsing the bristles with warm water. Hold the brush downwards to avoid any water getting into the ferrule or handle of the brush, which can weaken the glue. Add a small amount of mild soap, lather up, then rinse with warm water. If you wish, you can use an alcohol-based industrial cleanser. I see the best results with IPA (isopropyl alcohol, 99%). It can be bought online and I recommend it if you are a professional makeup artist, but you must be careful to avoid it getting in your eyes or mouth. IPA thoroughly cleans and disinfects your makeup brushes, more so than a baby shampoo or mild soap will do, killing any bacteria that may be left on the bristles. You also only need a very small amount per brush. If you use IPA, thoroughly rinse it off, remembering to hold the brush downwards with the water and only stopping once the water runs clear. Most cosmetic brands have their own brush cleaners, which usually contain alcohol, and these are great to use too. Finally, leave your brushes to dry overnight- in the morning you’ll be left with lovely, bacteria-free brushes!

Sponges & Beauty Blenders

Sponges and beauty blenders should be rinsed after every use to keep them in the best condition and to keep germs away. When it’s time for a deep clean, rinse the sponge or beauty blender under warm water, then lather a small amount of mild soap (my favorite is Fairy Liquid) into the sponge or beauty blender using your fingers. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Leave to dry, or alternatively, squeeze out the water and use straight away, as they are great to use when they are slightly damp. Remember that sponges or beauty blenders should be replaced every two to four months.

Metal Tools (Eyelash Curler, Tweezers, etc..)

Sanitize these with alcohol (IPA), soaked tissue or cotton pad. Then rinse with water and some antibacterial soap and leave to dry. You should do this after every use to decrease the chance of any skin infections.



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