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How-To Cut Crease Makeup Look!!!

A great way to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

  1. Prep and prime the eyelids. Start off by choosing the transition color. A transition color is applied if you’re creating a look that has a dark to a light color gradient – the transition color bridges the gap between the two shades. My favorite to use is Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow in Morocco. Apply this right into the crease with a small blending brush, blending it upwards as you apply.
  2. Taking a clean blending brush, sweep on a dark brown eyeshadow such as Mulac Cosmetics in Coffee in the same place as the transition shade, holding the brush at an upward angle. Holding it at this angle means the brush will do a lot of the blending for you. Always start off with less product on the brush and gradually build up the color in between blending. You can also go back in using the first brush with the transition shade as this will also help to blend and diffuse the darker eyeshadow.
  3. Add an even darker eyeshadow such as MAC eyeshadow in Carbon to really add depth to the cut crease, again blending it upwards.
  4. With a flat brush, pack a light shade such as MAC eyeshadow in White Frost all over the eyelid. Be careful not to blend into the cut crease too much as we want to leave a sharp line between these two colors.
  5. Line the eyes with Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Creme Color Liner in Jet.
  6. To complete the look, add Eyelure No.35 Lashes and a coat of mascara.

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