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How-To Achieve the Halo Eye Makeup Look!!!

    This makeup looks great teamed with false eyelashes and will earn you a ton of compliments. Let’s get started, and remember you can use any colors just follow the same technique.

  1. Prep and prime the eyelids. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills in Morocco as the transition shade, sweeping on with a soft fluffy brush from the outer corner of the eye and blending all along the crease.
  2. Using your finger, pat Ben Nye eyeshadow in Raisin onto the outer third of the eye, diffusing the color towards the center of the lid, then do the same on the inner corner of the eye, again diffusing towards the center, leaving the center of the lid blank.
  3. Using the same eyeshadow, connect the color on the inner and outer part of the eye, creating a halo shape above the center of the lid in the crease. Use soft strokes with only a small amount of product on the blending brush.
  4. Use a small pencil brush and a darker shadow such as Anastasia Beverly Hills in Beauty Mark to define the halo shape and intensify the color already applied. This will give your look more depth and dimension. Blend with a clean, soft brush to diffuse any hard edges.
  5. With a flat brush, smooth MAC eyeshadow in White Frost over the center of the lid, blending the edges into the inner corner and outer corners.
  6. Line the waterline with Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Creme Color Liner in Jet.
  7. Brush Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow in Beauty Mark under the eye and blend outwards.
  8. To complete the look, add Eylure No. 035 Lashes and coat of mascara.




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