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How-To: Winged Eyeliner!!!


     There are many different ways to apply winged eyeliner and many different products you can use to do so, depending on the look you want to achieve. My favorite eyeliner product is gel eyeliner, with liquid eyeliner on top. The liquid eyeliner on top of the gel makes the black more intense and leaves a crisp, sharp line. Find the correct angle for the wing by placing your brush in line with the edge of your nostril, pointing up to the tail of your brow.

  1. Prep and prime the eyelids. Using gel liner and an angled brush, start at the outer corner of your eye, using your lower lash line as a guide, and make one swift stroke. If you draw the line upwards, your eyes will appear wider; if you draw the line outwards, your eyes will appear elongated. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the angle and length of the line to find out what suits your eye shape the most and helps you feel most confident.
  2. Starting from the tip of the wing you have just created, flip the brush and bring the line back down, creating a triangle-shape at the end of your eye. It’s most effective to try and do this in a single movement.
  3. Starting from either the inner corner or the center of your eyelid (depending on your eye shape and the look you want to achieve) bring the liner towards the triangle, using your lash line as a guide. If you struggle with this part, try drawing smaller lines that you can gradually join together, rather then a single quick sweep with your brush. You can make this line as thick or as thin as you prefer. Starting with a thin line at the inner corner which gradually becomes thicker creates a beautiful cat-eye effect.
  4. Fill in the triangle and any other empty space you can see so there are no gaps showing.
  5. For a more intense look, apply liquid eyeliner over the gel eyeliner.
  6. Take a flat concealer brush and a cream concealer and apply underneath the wing at the outer corner of your eye. This will sharpen the wing and instantly neaten up any mistakes. Blend any visible concealer downwards with small, gentle swipes.


Happy New Year!!!




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