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Puffy Eyes Tips & Tricks!!!!

The appearance of puffiness is most often due to the swelling of tissues around the eyes. It is often caused by:

  • Too much sleep (or not enough sleep)
  • Fluid retention
  • Excess salt intake
  • Pregnancy, which often causes edema
  • Alcohol and Tobacco consumption
  • Thyroid disease

There is another type of puffiness, which is caused by loose skin and excess fat, not swollen tissue. The collagen breakdown of the layer of tissue that holds the fat in the eye weakens and also causes drooping and sagging.

To temporarily reduce puffiness caused by swollen tissue:

  • Drink plenty of water; this will flush out excess salt and toxins, such as alcohol and tobacco.
  • Cut out tobacco completely; not only is it better for your body, but your eyes will look much younger.
  • Cool compresses constrict blood vessels and prevent the flow of fluid into the tissues. Teas such as Chamomile contain natural anti-inflammatories that reduce swelling. Place two used tea bags in the refrigerator until cool. Place tea bags on closed lids for fifteen minutes.
  • Slice cucumbers are also a good cool compress, as they contain natural tannins that reduce puffiness. Take out clean, cold cucumbers from the refrigerator, cut into half-inch slices, and place on closed eyelids for ten to twenty minutes.
  • Get your rest; try sleeping on more than one pillow to keep your head elevated during sleep. Make sure to sleep on your back; not your stomach, so fluid doesn’t flow into your face.

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