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How-To Achieve the Inverted Wing Eye Makeup Look!!!

   A smokey mix between a cut crease and winged liner. This is a striking look that suits all eye shapes!

  1. Prep and prime the eyelids. Apply a transition eyeshadow such as Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie along the crease.
  2. Using a small pencil brush, add a small amount of Ben Nye eyeshadow in Taupe just above the crease and blend out in the same direction as you would a gel winged liner, but a little higher. Make sure the color diffuses nicely into the skin.
  3. Using the same brush and the Ben Nye Taupe eyeshadow, apply underneath the eye, directly under the pupil, and shade outwards, following the line of the above wing, but leaving a gap between the two.
  4. If the gap starts to look a little messy or the lines of the eyeshadow aren’t sharp enough, redefine the gap with a small angled brush and a cream concealer, making sure to leave a soft finish.
  5. To complete the look, add MAC 4 lashes and a coat of mascara.




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