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The Easiest Way To Apply False Eyelashes!!!!


    Applying false eyelashes can sometimes be tricky – here I’ll show you how to apply false eyelashes and make it a little bit easier! Remember, perfection takes lots of practice!

   Most packets of false eyelashes come with glue included, but if not, my favorite glue is either DUO Striplash Adhesive or House of Lashes Eyelash Adhesive.

   Strip lashes and individual lashes are perfect for finishing off a look. Once you get the hang of applying them, there are so many to choose from, ranging from soft and natural to crazy dramatic. Let’s get started!

  1. To start, you need to measure the lashes to fit your eye shape. Place them on your lash line (without glue) and work out where they need to be cut. Cut the outer side of the lashes rather than the inner corners. It’s better to cut too little than too much, so take your time with this. Keep going back and measuring until the strip is the same length as your natural lash line.
  2. Take a cheap brush (this doesn’t have to be a makeup brush – you can buy a thin paintbrush if you wish – the smaller the better) and use this to apply the lash glue to your upper lash line. If you have drawn on a winged liner, you can use that as a guide, or just follow your upper lash line. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little messy as the glue turns transparent once dry.
  3. Wait for the glue to get a little tacky and almost transparent, then using your fingers or tweezers (whichever you find easier) place the eyelash strip on top of the glue. Gently hold the lashes in place for 20 seconds.
  4. Make sure there are no areas where the false eyelashes are digging in uncomfortably. If that does occur, gently peel the lash off and place it on your lid again. If you aren’t used to wearing false eyelashes it may feel a little strange at first but after 5 minutes or so you will forget you have them on.
  5. Apply a light coat of mascara to join the natural lashes and the false lashes together. Sometimes the strip of the lashes is made of a white thread if this is the case, go over any white that is showing with a black or brown gel or liquid eyeliner.


Tip – If you wear false eyelashes regularly, try to get them as close as possible to your natural lash line, but avoid putting any glue on your actual eyelashes. This can cause damage to your natural eyelashes in the long term.


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