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How to Apply Lipstick! (The Right Way)


The first thing to do when applying lipstick or lip liner is to prep and prime your lips. Covering up chapped lips with lipstick will only accentuate the cracks. Using lip balm has its benefits but regular exfoliation actually removes the dead skin, leaving that soft, plump finish. You can find out how to make a lip scrub, but day to day you should gently exfoliate your lips each morning with a toothbrush, pat dry with a towel and add a small amount of lip balm before applying any makeup to your lips. Let’s get started with these tips!


  1. Start with soft, exfoliated lips, apply a lip primer such as TopShop Lip Primer in Everlast. This will help the lipstick stay on your lips for longer.
  2. Lip liner is another big factor in making your lipstick last longer. Try to find a lip liner that roughly matches your choice of lipstick color. Many brands will have similar colors in both products for this exact reason. Applying lip liner will also stop the lipstick from bleeding (running outside of your lip line). Apply the lip liner by starting at the Cupid’s Bow and continue outlining the top lip, following your natural lip line. If you want to make your lips appear fuller, you can apply the liner just above your natural lip line.
  3. Continue to outline your bottom lip. Then, keeping your pencil at a slight angle, fill in the rest of your lips with shading motions.
  4. Now it’s time for the lipstick! Maintain control by using a lip brush instead of applying the lipstick directly to your lips. Take your time with this and apply as evenly and symmetrically as you can.
  5. If you have made any mistakes or want to sharpen the lines a little, take a concealer brush and apply a small amount of cream concealer to the edges of the lips, making sure the concealer is well blended into the skin. This technique will make the lips really pop.
  6. There are several ways to prevent your lipstick from coming off or smudging after application. Place your index finger in your mouth with your lips pressed down and pull your finger out to stop lipstick from getting on your teeth. You can also take single-ply tissue and place gently over your lips, then take a powder brush with a small amount of loose translucent powder and gently dab over the lips through the tissue. This works as a protective coating for the lipstick. Lastly, you can take a tissue and press your lips down on it for a couple of seconds.
  7. Finally, add some gloss on top if you want a moist, plump effect.

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