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Blush For Your Skin Tone!!!



As with lip colors, the blush you choose is entirely up to you, but depending on your skin tone, certain colors might complement your skin more than others.

Always use a light hand when applying blush- the trick is to make it look like the natural color in your cheeks is coming through, which results in your skin looking awake and rejuvenated and instantly warms up your complexion. If there are any harsh lines, you can blend out with your foundation brush to really diffuse the color into the skin.

Tip – When you’re feeling a little run-down or tired, dust blush on the apples of your cheeks to give your face a little more color.

Fair Skin Tone

  • Soft pinks and peaches work best for fair skin tones – not too intense and with just the right amount of subtle color. My favorite blush for fair skin tones is by MAC in Well Dressed.

Medium Skin Tone

  • Rich pinks and deep peach tones are perfect for medium skin tones. My favorite blush for medium skin tones is by NARS in Orgasm.

Dark Skin Tone

  • Warm browns and deep fuchsia tones look beautiful on dark skin tones. Teamed with a dark lip it can look really striking. My two favorite blushes for dark skin tones are by MAC in Fever and Raisin.


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