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Everything You Need to Know About Concealer!!!


Concealer Brushes

  • Large – Use large concealer brushes for the undereye and inner corners of the eyes closest to the nose, as well as the eyelid area when concealing visible veins. Look for sable or synthetic brushes that are flat and rounded at the tips to fit into the contour of the eye. Soft tapered edges make for easier blending. Use with concealer like an eraser to clean up fallen eyeshadow.
  • Small –  Small concealer brushes are useful for targeting a more precise area, such as the small dark-spotted areas under the inner corners of the eyes. These are also great to use with a tiny bit of concealer as an eraser to clean up eyeliner mistakes on the outer corners of the eyes.

Hiding Dark Circles

It’s not just a lack of sleep that causes dark circles. Dark circles can also be hereditary. Quite often thin skin, which results in visible blood vessels, or excessive melanin (skin pigment) production in that area is the cause of dark circles. But whether your undereye “bags” are hereditary or a result of your lifestyle or environment, these simple tips can help reduce them:

  • Exercise – Will increase circulation and pump oxygen into the vessels, which will help blood flow. This is important, as often dark circles are caused by not enough oxygen getting to the veins.
  • Vitamins – Particularly iron supplements, can be effective. Often iron deficiencies will cause dark circles. Try liquid iron rather than a pill form to help control iron loss and get more oxygen into the veins.
  • Water – Will flush out toxins in your body that can cause dark circles, so be sure to drink plenty of water.

  • Eye Masks – That contains vitamin C, as well as vitamin K, are a great way to minimize dark circles. They inhibit melanin (pigment) production for those who have dark circles owing to natural pigmentation.
  • Sunscreen Infused Eye Creams – Are crucial to protect the undereye area from sun exposure. The sun thins out already thin skin under the eyes; sunscreen helps minimize further thinning of the skin as well as future darkness that can be caused by the tanning of the under eyes.
  • Brighteners –  Are great for instant gratification. They have reflective properties that lighten up the eye, often containing mica to add a slight shimmer to the undereye area.
  • Sleep – Is probably the most effective method of reducing dark circles. Cells heal at night, so give your eyes a break and get your eight hours of sleep.

  • Cold Cucumbers – Placed over the eyes are a natural astringent and shrink and constrict the body tissues.
  • Black Tea – Contains tannic acid and caffeine, constricting vessels to minimize any dark veins that are showing through the skin under the eyes. They may stain light or very dry skin, so moisturize before applying cold tea bags to your eyes.
  • Blush – Is a great way to add life to the face. Dark circles can make you look unhealthy and tired. Blush provides a distraction from those dark circles and gives the illusion of instant health. While smiling, apply blush to the apples of the cheeks under the orbital bones of the eyes. For light skin, try pale pink blush; for medium skin, try a hint of bright pink; for dark skin, use a berry shade; and for dry, dehydrated skin, use a cream blush in the appropriate shade.


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