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Eyebrows 101: Eyebrow Grooming: Products, Tools & Tips!!!


Let’s Start With Eyebrow Products!

  • Brow Powder – This is the best product to create softer – looking brows. Use powder at the beginning of the brow to create softness and a pencil at the end of the brow for definition. Powder is best applied with an angled brow brush. Eyeshadow can also be used for this purpose, but brow powders have a different texture and pigment level and will last longer.
  • Brow Cream and Pomades – Cream creates a defined brow. It is especially great for filling in very sparse areas because it’s more opaque and can give the illusion of more brow hairs. For a more natural look, use the cream sparingly, as it packs a powerful punch with just a little product. It’s best to apply it with a thin angled brow brush made of synthetic material.
  • Brow Pencil –  Brow pencils generally last longer because they contain waxy ingredients that prevent the color from sweating away. They are great for creating definition at the ends of the brows. Many brow pencils have sprial brushes or dense angle brushes on the opposite side of the pencil. Use them to brush out any hard lines created and create a softer look.
  • Brow Gel –  Brow gel gives brows an instant finished look, especially if your eyebrows grow downward or are difficult to tame. Use the gel sparingly and don’t touch your brows after they’re set. Brushing the set brow gel can cause it to flake off.
  • Colored Brow Gel –  Colored brow gel not only offers variety but also covers up any gray hairs and temporarily lightens dark eyebrows, which can soften the eyes dramatically. Colored brow gel is a great way to add color to seemingly lifeless, pale eyebrows. Look for a brow gel no more than two shades darker than your natural brow color for a more natural look.
  • Tweezers – When buying tweezers, make an investment, and buy a professional brand, not just your local drugstore’s version. Tweezers come in slanted, flat, and pointed shapes. The pointed style is best for those really hard-to-get hairs. The slanted style is great for everyday, all-purpose grooming since you can angle the slant to get close to the hairs you are tweezing. Stick with the flatheads to apply false eyelashes.
  • Scissors – Scissors can be used for eyebrows that have a tendency to be more difficult to control or grow downward at the ends. I like small, straight scissors, preferably stainless steel. Look for types made specifically for brows with short blades to avoid overcutting.
  • Brow Stencils –  Brow stencils are cutouts of different eyebrow shapes that are placed over eyebrows to show where to fill in and where to tweeze. They can also be used for simple maintenance after getting brows professionally groomed.
  • Brow Brush –  This is an essential tool used to brush up and smooth out brow hairs. This brush usually comes in the shape of a toothbrush or a spiral. I prefer the spiral shapes for thinner brows and for more detailing of the brows, and the toothbrush shape to brush up full brows.
  • Spool Brush – The spool is a spiral-shaped brush similar to a mascara wand but with shorter, even bristles. It is a great brush for cleaning up excess mascara and smoothing out fine-to-normal brows or removing excess sculpting gel from eyebrows.
  • Bristle Brush – The bristle brush looks like a toothbrush and is great for grooming thicker eyebrows because it gets deeper into the eyebrows, straighting out even the deepest layers.
  • Small-angle Brow Brush – Look for short, semi-stiff bristles to fill in brows with powder. I also like synthetic bristles when working with creams or to create a sharper angle.

Choosing a Brow Color

When choosing a brow color, consider your natural brow color and add a hint of your hair color to your eyebrows for a uniform look. For example, if you have blonde hair and brown eyebrows, look for a color that’s in between to create flow from your face to your hair.

Brows that are too dark can make you look harsh, creating a frowning effect. When applying brow products, fill in any holes in the brow first – because the initial touch of powder or pomade to your brows deposits the most color, it’s necessary that initial deposits be where any holes in the brows are, then the excess can be used at the beginning of the brow.


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