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How-to Select Eyeliner!!!

You must choose the eyeliner keeping your skin tone, eye color, and eyeshadow colors in mind. There is a trick with using eyeliners, and it depends on what effect you want.

If you want to make your eyes appear bigger, then apply white or cream colored eyeliner. If you have blue eyes, then use the neutral brown eyeliner to enhance the blue color, or use a dramatic blue shade to make the blue eyes pop even more. If you have green eyes, then go for eyeliners with a deep brown or a purple undertone.

If you have brown or hazel eyes, then the options are limited. You should wear dark colored eyeliners, and the color should vary with the type of looks you want to create. A dark brown or black eyeliner will intensify the brown or hazel color of your eyes. A muted olive green will make them appear more visible or open. If your eyes are hazel colored, then wear black or brown eyeliner, or mid toned black or brown eyeliners.

Alternatively, you may want to experiment with secondary white eyeliner, or one with some silver or light gold undertone. These colors make the eyes look bigger, brighter and more attractive. Another trick that you need to know is that when you apply these shades of eyeliners, instead of lining the entire eyelid, try lining only the inner corners of the upper and lower lids.

Another important tip here is that, the eyeliner color that you choose varies with the time of day. For a day look, go for muted or neutral colors and colors appropriate for a school or work place. Night looks are more dramatic and with funky colors. For night parties, go for eyeliners with some glitter, especially if you plan on going to the night club.

The next thing to consider is whether to use a matte liner or a liquid liner. If you are good with the brush, go for the liquid liner, otherwise, the matte pencil form is also just as good as the liquid one. You just need to know how to apply the eyeliner in a professional way.


This has a soft finish and blends naturally with your skintone and eye color, and the eyeshadow that you apply. Beginners who are not comfortable with using the liquid or gel eyeliner should start with this.


This has the ability to make fine, smooth lines and enhance the shape of the eye. It is ideal for those who want a glossy effect and defined contoured lines around the eyes.


This offers great coloration and creates subtle graduations. It allows you to control the thickness of the lines and prevents smudgy effects. This liner also last longer than the pencil and liquid eyeliner.

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