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How-To Select An Eyeliner Pencil!!!


Eye pencil is another most basic part of the eye makeup process and is the most important one as it defines and shapes up the eye. It also helps in making the eyelashes look a lot thicker. If you prefer to go for a soft look by applying only mascara with no eye shadow then it is not important to apply an eye pencil. However, if you do want to include eye pencil, then it is best to thinly line your eye so that you maintain the soft look.

Just as other makeup, the eye pencil comes with a lot of options. There are typical eye pencils and powdered liners. The colors have evolved from the simple option of brown or black to a wide range of colors, which might even become overwhelming for many. However, the most used colors include gray, brown, nude, and the ever popular black.

Pencil or Powder Eyeliner

Eye pencils are extremely convenient and quick but also have a few problems – they are more likely to smear. Powder liner comes in different shades and includes a tiny eyeliner brush. This can be applied by wetting the brush and applying it just like the liquid eyeliner. The application of the powdered eyeliner is much more controlled as compared to the pencil. It might seem too dark when you apply but once the liner dries, it gives a really soft look. The powder liners also have a better staying power as compared to the liquid liner. Unlike the long eye pencil, the tiny liner brush of the powder liner allows you to be more in control of the thickness of the line. Aside from this, the powder eyeliner can also be utilized as an eye shadow by choosing a larger brush size.

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