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How-To Apply Eyeliner Pencil!!

It is necessary to have a steady hand when applying the eye pencil. If your hand is shaking, then it is best to sit down and place your elbow on the table in order to steady your arm. Position the pencil and place it as close as possible to the lash line of the eyelid. Start drawing the line from the inner corner towards the outer corner in a single stroke. Make sure you keep following the eyelid’s curvature. It is recommended not to extend past the outer corner or hug the tear duct part of your eye.

Make sure the line is as thin as it can be. If you want a thicker line, then repeat the process till you reach the desired thickness. You can either thicken the line on the outer part of the lid or do it in the entire lid. The best way to apply the eye pencil is to keep the line thin at the front area of the lid and then making it thicker on the outer area of the lid. This gives a classic attractive look.

Another option is to make the line throughout the eyelid stopping at the point where the lashes stop. Or you can take it a little further and curving it at the end. You can also line the outer two-thirds of your lower eye. However, it is best to ensure that the color you use is less intense as compared to the upper liner. Always remember to meet both of the lines at the end of your eyelid.

It is a general rule not to line all the way across the lower lashes and to leave a little space on the inner corner of your eye near your tear duct. This gives a less severe and a softer look. If you line the entire eye with the eye pencil, then it will end up giving an eyeglasses look and make the eyeliner prominent instead of the eye.

How Thick Should You Go?

In order to go for a classic look, it is a general rule that the intensity and the thickness of the liner must be determined through the lid size – the larger the area of the eyelid the softer and thicker the liner must be. The smaller the area of the eyelid, the more intense and thinner it must be.

Avoiding The Mistakes

Here are a few things to do in order to avoid mistakes while applying eyeliner pencil:

  • After using the powder liner, check for fallout on your cheek and under your eyes. Fallout are the tiny powdered flakes which tend to land under the eyes and the cheeks while the liner is being applied.
  • Always brush off the excess powder from the brush before you start applying the liner as this prevents fallout, but it is best to check nevertheless. To remove the fallout, take a sponge and just wipe away the flakes. Afterward, touch up your foundation as it might have smeared.
  • Once you have applied the eye pencil, make sure you double check its intensity. If it is thicker or dramatic than you intended, then blend it away. Please note that it isn’t possible to correct mistakes or blend out liquid liners.
  • When using pencil liners, regularly look out for smears that might appear under your eyes throughout the day.
  • For longer lasting pencil liner through out the day, set it with powder liner or eye shadow.


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