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How-To Select the Right Mascara!!!


Mascara enhances the beauty of the eyes like no other product, especially when an eyelash curler is used. This cosmetic can help you in making the whites of the eyes appear whiter even after an all-nighter. You can create a playful flirty look or a dramatic sultry appearance through the proper usage of mascara. The main trick is to find the right formula for your desired look and the kind of lashes you have. When you find the right product then you simply have to learn to apply it in the right way to attain the maximum effect.


Mascara Types

There are various types of mascara available nowadays which can assist you in achieving your desired look. The following are different kinds of mascara.


Through this formula, you can achieve a seductive look especially when you pair it with smokey eye makeup. The volumizing and thickening formulas are made for the same purpose so don’t get confused by the terminology used in the package of the product. Some of the products give a more natural look and are perfect for everyday usage when paired with neutral makeup. The products that come with the mascara on one end and a primer on the other are best for a night out, as it gives a dramatic look and is less likely to smudge as you dance the night away. The thickening products that come in regular tubes usually appear as dramatic as the primed ones and have faster applications. If you want to make your lashes appear thicker then try doting black eyeliner between the lashes on your upper eyelids and smudge them. Through this trick, your false eyelashes will appear more natural and this also works great with natural lashes as well.


This formula helps your lashes appear longer. The long lashes look gives off a sexy yet innocent look and is perfect for a casual night out. This type of mascara is perfect for women with thick lashes who are merely looking to add a little oomph in their look. This is also great for women looking for a natural look while wearing neutral eyeshadow. The lashes will be visible without the added volume and won’t be lost against the background of darker eyeshadow.


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