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How-To Select the Right Lipstick!!!



Red lips have always been considered as the essence of female beauty. However, lipstick being the classic makeup item, selecting the right one can be a daunting task for many. There is now a vast variety of lipsticks to choose from which makes it confusing and tricky to get the right texture and the perfect color as per the skin complexion.


Choosing The Color

In order to find your versatile and ideal lip color palette, opt for selecting the colors that most suit your skin tone and helps you in achieving the look you are hoping for. Here are some guidelines (as I would call it) illustrating the right shades for different skin tones:

  • White Skintone – Red, Rose
  • Olive Skintone – Red, Brown
  • Warm Skintone – Reddish Brown, Orange
  • Cool Skintone – Purple, Pink

When trying out new shades, it is always best to aim for a natural look. Select the shades that are closest to your natural skin color. Always keep in mind that a lipstick which is brighter than your natural skin color will make you look dull. A contrasting color is also a wise decision. Lipsticks with bluish tones typically dull the complexion, so to brighten your face, always add a tint of blush around your lips. Here’s how you can select the right lipstick as per your skin tone:

Fair Skin Tone

If you have fair skin, then selecting lipsticks usually means light shades like Light Browns, Pinks, or Nudes. If you have a cool skin tone, then you will look perfect in Nude shades or Soft Mocha colors. If you have a warm skin tone, then Pale Pinks and Nude Peach is the way to go. Although, there will be times when you will totally rock a darker lip shade that depends on the rest of the makeup regime you are doing. Generally, beiges and nudes work great for fair complexions as it brightens the complexion.

Medium Skin Tone

Selecting a lipstick for medium skin tones isn’t very tricky as there are good color palettes you can choose from like Peaches, Fuschia, Reds, and Browns. If you have warm undertones, then go for Bronze or Copper colors and if you have cool undertones, then go for Cranberry and Pink shades.

Dark Skin Tones

For dark skin tones, Dark Red shades are sure to make you look fabulous. If you have cooler undertones, then go for Wine colored and Ruby hues. If you have warmer undertones, then Bronzes and Copper shades are right for you. Even though some dark-skinned women look great in lighter shades and Nudes, it is recommended that you avoid Orange shades.

Some Exceptions to the Rules

One major tip on selecting the right lipstick is that you don’t want your lip shade to completely resemble your skin tone. Similarly, you won’t want to go for a stark contrast between your lips and skin either. All light or cool-toned complexions aren’t the same so don’t be afraid of experimenting with different colors.

The same goes for dark-toned complexions as well. There isn’t a need to reject or wear a color just because you aren’t supposed to. If you are comfortable with color or simply love a color, wear it! Complement it with the right makeup regime and you will look completely fabulous!!

Choosing the Texture

The lipsticks that have are moist and have a defined coloration with a creamy finish are really popular currently. However, there are other textures to choose from as per the occasion and your preference. Here are the different textures of lipsticks you can choose from:


This is perfect for women looking for defined colorations and has very little time to do touchups throughout the day. Creamy texture lipsticks are also good for fuller lips as they make them appear tauter and firmer. When wearing a lipstick that has low translucence and good coloration, try adding a tint of blush on your cheeks to complete the look.


Sheer or stain lipsticks make your lips seem plumper and fuller. This is perfect for those women seeking to add some dimension to their lips. The light reflection makes the shades of these lipsticks seem more natural and subdued. If you like wearing red lipsticks but want to ensure that the color looks natural and subtle; then opt for a red shade in sheer texture.


Gloss is a texture that is shiny and works perfectly for young faces as the lips appear luscious, sexy, and full. Gloss lipsticks are also perfect if you are looking for an instant uplift when they are applied over your favorite lipstick shade as it adds a touch of festiveness.


This lipstick texture is a perfect color payoff that includes medium to high frosted shine and shimmer finish.


This is the texture pigment which is full of intense color payoff. It gives a matte finish look with no shine.

Lipstick Application

Before applying lipstick, highlight the lip contours by using a concealer or a foundation. This will help you in attaining a good finish without even using a lip liner. For adjusting your lip contour, start applying foundation as thinly as you can over the areas you want to be covered. When the foundation is applied thickly, it will break through your lipstick when you move your lips. This won’t look very flattering. You can enhance the color of your lipstick by applying an undercoat of lip balm or lip essence. This also hides vertical lines and prevents dryness.

When using lipsticks with strong coloration, properly defined contours is the key! To achieve well-defined contours, a lip brush is the secret! Professional makeup artists always coat their brush with lipstick to the roots and before applying the bristles are arranged carefully. If you opt to use a strong coloration lipstick, ensure the lipstick is applied on the corners of your lip as well as it gives a beautiful and sophisticated finish.


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